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  1. Oct 22,  · A phase 2 clinical trial using a new technology show it is possible to induce immune tolerance to gluten in individuals with celiac disease. After treatment .
  2. Sep 02,  · A.L.S., the most common motor neuron disorder, diagnosed in about 6, people worldwide each year, has drawn greater attention of late, bolstered by prominent people with the disease.
  3. 1 day ago · CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital is opening a new clinical trial to cure Sickle Cell Disease. Pediatric Hematologist and Oncologist Dr. Kristina Harrell says Sickle Cell Disease is the most common, inherited, blood disorder. Patients with Sickle Cell Disease.
  4. Aug 10,  · A new study in Nucleic Acids Research, published by Oxford University Press, suggests a possible effective treatment strategy for patients suffering from prion disease.
  5. Aug 09,  · However, the new treatment, which works by helping untangle clumps of plaque in the brain, could be the first to halt the disease's progression, trials suggest.
  6. Aug 20,  · Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: APA. Dutta, Sanchari Sinha. (, August 20). Treatment Options for Autoimmune Disease.
  7. Jan 16,  · There's no known cure for Crohn's disease. Treatment is focused on reducing symptoms and trying to keep the disease in remission. Learn about new drugs in the pipeline that may offer new .
  8. Jun 25,  · In the United States, approximately , people suffer from inherited forms of retinal disease for which there is no cure. But things have started to change for good. But things have started to Author: Hemant Khanna.

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